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26 October 2016


"The thriving hub of Battersea" Time Out

About Northcote Road

Battersea's Northcote Road runs from Battersea Rise to Broomwood Road. The street is a haven of diversity, with specialist shops and boutiques, complemented by market stalls. Shoppers can find everything they need, from fishmongers and butchers to aromatherapy shops and bakers.Northcote Road, and parallel Webbs Road, is in Battersea, South West London, a stone's throw from Clapham Junction and between Wandsworth and Clapham Commons. In estate agency parlance it sits "between the commons", which has become shorthand for a prosperous area and a strong lure for incoming house buyers.

Northcote Road Market
The site of the largest market area in Wandsworth, Northcote Road Market is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am-5pm and is described by Time Out as a "gentrified" market which offers a "superb opportunity... to buy the freshest fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers, ceramics, vintage ladies' clothes, handbags, exotic homeware and photographic prints" complementing "an excellent selection of independent shops."
For full details of the Market please click here.

There really is very little reason to stray from the street on Northcote Road since it has almost everything to serve residents' local needs.  That means everything from honey to a homeopathic chemist; fish to flooring and flowers; books to baked goods; music to maternity clothes and organics to opticians. And of course plenty of coffee shops, bars and restaurants to take pleasure in along the way.

Many of the shops have a long history of trading in the street – some going back as far as the 1890s. Because the road is so varied it draws visitors from much further afield to enjoy the shopping as well as lively atmosphere generated by the bars and restaurants.

London's Second Favourite Shopping Street
In a listener poll conducted by Radio 4's Today programme in conjunction with CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment), Northcote Road was voted London's second favourite shopping street.

CABE's description of Northcote Road
"A market street with a mix of housing, commercial and retail, which is welcoming and friendly", sums up this south London street. "Wandsworth Borough Council has made great efforts to restrict non-resident traffic, provide smooth pavements with easy drop kerbs from prams and wheelchairs and plant seasonal hanging baskets," says one local.

Northcote Road was once the site of a branch of the Falcon Brook - one of London's lost rivers. This was covered over in the 19th century.

In 1863 a busy market sprung up around the newly-built Clapham Junction station. At the same time a few stalls established themselves on Northcote Road. After the market was evicted from St John's Road in 1910 they all moved their stalls to Northcote Road. The market started to decline in the late 1990s, but investment and regeneration initiatives turned the situation around and the market adapted to the changing population of the area.

Other businesses which lined the road also underwent many changes. There was a time when butchers shops dominated the road, and in the 1980s there were many estate agents who disappeared during the property crash but have now returned. Clapham Junction was once home to a great many music halls and cinemas,

About Northcote Business Network
The Northcote Business Network is an independent organisation run by the businesses of Northcote Road for the businesses of Northcote Road.

The Network’s purpose is to provide a forum for the views of Northcote Road's businesses; to represent those views to the council, police and other local bodies; to network and find solutions to the problems that face them all in common; and to explore and then undertake initiatives to promote Northcote Road as a food and retail destination both locally and to a wider audience across London

In addition to this, each year the Network fundraises to support the cost of the street's festive lights and hanging baskets. The money generated from business is always matched by the council.

Membership of the Network costs just £100 for the year and members receive the following benefits:

1) A full listing on WeLoveNorthcoteRoad.com for 12 months, including:

• An image of their business
• A 40-word description
• Full contact details
• Their business location marked on a map
• Free listing of all their significant events
• A hotlink to their own website
• An optimised listing with up to 50 keywords
• The opportunity to include special offers

2) The opportunity to get together with other Northcote Road businesses to discuss mutual challenges and then work together to solve them (using a combined budget); to come up with ideas as to how best to promote the road to a wider audience; and to have their say as to how Northcote's views are represented to the council and other groups.

Businesses interested in working with other local businesses to promote the success of Northcote Road should contact the Chairman of the Northcote Business Network, Jonathan Dyson at


About this site
The Northcote Business Network has created welovenorthcoteroad.com because we believe that there should be a website promoting Northcote Road that is owned and controlled by local businesses rather than by a profit-making company.

All Network membership fees will be invested in further promotion of Northcote Road and towards addressing challenges that arise for local businesses.

If you have any questions, news or event suggestions regarding this site, please contact the website designer and manager Richard Chumbley of Essential Local on 07985 642245 or by email to richard@essentiallocal.com.

Richard is a local marketing professional, journalist and owner of Essential Local, an independent local company and magazine which supports local businesses and community organisations in Battersea, Balham and Clapham. Essential Local provides complimentary marketing advice to local companies and cost-effective local advertising, flyer design and distribution, web design and affordable printing services.

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